When speaking about Dodecanese, we are speaking about 12 islands in southeast Aegan Sea.
The Dodecanese forms from Samos to Rhodos and it is a mountainous area with flat landscapes, especially in Kos and Rhodes.

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Rhodes & Kos

The most famous great islands in the Dodecanese, are islands of Rhodes and Kos.
Both islands had a thriving civilization in ancient times.
Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, started a temple and healing complex on Kos, dedicated to the god of healing Asclepius.
Rhodes was the capital of a flourishing trade empire in the ancient Greece.
Still in these times, both of the islands are know for great beaches, great food and amazing culture.


Discover the treasures of Dodecanese

History doesn’t stop with the ancient times.
The islands of Dodecanese have been occupied by, among others, the Turks and Italians, until after the Second World War.
You will find the remains of this cultures in many places where you can find a combination of Eastern and Western architecture and culture to admire.

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