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Your Luxury holiday on the Mediterranean sea is waiting.
Crewed yacht charter is the way to travel. You can relax, enjoy the sun and sea, and completely indulge yourself.
Anuras concierge team will help to make your dream yacht vacation come true.

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Whether you’re first time on a luxury crewed yacht or have a lot of experience, we will surely find what you are looking for.

Start planning your luxury yacht holiday and feel free to contact us to create your perfect itinerary!

Our Concierge Service

We always go above and beyond for our clients, that is why you will have personal guidance and a carefree crewed holiday with Anuras Luxury Travels.

The best hands-on assistance with planning your sailing itinerary, suggestions of what to see and visit.
Depending on the country, Greece or Croatia, Anuras Luxury Travels is here to create the best luxury holiday experience for you.

Our knowledge is specialized in:

  • Luxury sailing vacation
  • Crewed charter luxury sailing yachts, motor yachts, and superyachts VIP style

Anuras Luxury Travel is a versatile company and we aim to make a difference in your travel experience by providing you the best service before, during, and after your dream luxury vacation.

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Why Anuras is the best choice for you?

Because of our +15 years of experience, personal approach, and partners.
Those three are the key ingredients of Anuras Luxury Travels.

Thanks to our vast experience, we have been able to gain the trust of luxury companies in two of the most beautiful countries in the Mediterranean- Croatia, and Greece.

You need information about a luxury holiday area?

Even for an extra stay on land or restaurant advice, feel free to contact us.

We really are the best choice for a relaxed and carefree holiday.

PS: this service; you can take it literally: at Anuras, Patricia is ALWAYS available for support, and if necessary, help on the spot!

Trust us with your Luxury dreams!

Want to learn more? Please feel free to contact us for advice, send us your questions, or ask for a free quote.

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